nguyenlinhcute 06 Jul 2019

The Xclass Journey (Catalyst Machineworks VBLOG #2)

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Xclass is a brand new and exciting type of drone racing that is set to bring our sport into the mainstream. For a sport to gain traction it has to be entertaining to spectators. Pilots who actually fly these mini quads cannot get enough. However, for a spectator the experience can be less than thrilling. They are too small to really be of interest to most people from a 3rd person perspective. Unless you are in the goggles it doesn't get the blood racing. Well Xclass will change all of that. The machines are MASSIVE in size (32 - 47 inches across). They are fast (100+ mph), powerful, loud, and give the sense of danger. All these things make for very exciting racing.

All the parts are in to build the Cannonball 800 prototype. This VBLOG is the second installment of it's journey into production. To see our first video click the link below. Stay tuned for our maiden flight video coming soon!



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