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Shani - 20th November 2017 - शनि - Full Episode

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26 Sep 2022

Gandharv Raj's daughter is congratulated for her performance. Shani comes in to support Chhaya as Gandharv Raj tries to insult Chhaya in an attempt to impress Suryadev. Shani makes him understand the sacrifices made by Chhaya for the success of Suryadev. How will Suryadev react to this? Stay tuned to find out.

Amongst the millions of deities worshiped in India, there is one who is most feared. One who strikes a merciless balance between good and evil and makes us realise the cycle of Karma. This is the story of the most revered planet of the zodiac and the Lord of Justice, Shani. What gives Shani his powers and makes his vengeance so potent? Find out with this mythological TV series that's sure to be an audience favourite.

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