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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera - 21 Tips and Tricks

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23 Oct 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera features several improvements and new features- In this video I-m diving into the S21 camera and giving you 21 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra- For more Galaxy S21- Galaxy S21 Plus- and Galaxy S21 Ultra videos make sure to stay tuned- If you missed my Galaxy S21 Ultra Unboxing make sure to check it out below- Also- let me know what other Samsung Galaxy S21 videos you want to see such as a Samsung S21 Ultra zoom test or a part 2 to this video-

00-00 - Intro
00-24 - Quick Launch Camera and Quickly Switch Cameras
00-40 - Different Modes and Organizing
01-52 - Lock Focus and Exposure
02-48 - 100x Space Zoom and Lock Down Mode
03-33 - Beauty Mode
04-20 - Scene Optimizer
05-10 - Resolutions- Aspect Ratios- and File Sizes
05-55 - Pro Video and Photo Modes
07-15 - 12 Bit RAW
07-39 - Motion Photos and Gifs
08-03 - Different Ways To Zoom
08-50 - Gestures and Voice Commands
09-23 - Framing Assistance
09-51 - Tracking Autofocus
10-15 - Moon Shot
11-05 - Better Photo Compression
11-30 - Better Video Compression and HDR 10-
12-35 - Macro Mode and Minimal Focusing Distance
13-12 - Outro
13-39 - Deleted Scenes

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