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Monsters- Inc- DVD Menu Walkthrough -Disc 2-

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04 May 2021

My favorite DVD Menu is on this DVD- not joking- Look at how awesome they worked on the menus- The main menu doesn-t move- but the big surprise will be after clicking a door- Humans Only takes you to the Door Vault- animated and sounding exactly like it was in the movie- even though that thing took extreme skill to animate- which surprised me- Clicking on one of those 7 doors animates the door vault again and anything inside the door- The PIXAR door contains a Paper Airplane flying over the pixar factory- The Story Door is a view of Boo-s Room- The Monster Files door is the door that you get banished in- The Design door is a view of Monstropolis- The Animation Door is a view in the Machine Room- The Music - Sound door barely opens- but you can hear a Monster singing- The Release Door is a view of Mike - Sully-s room with the Commercial playing on the TV- Below the Pixar Door is a secret entrance to the Credits- If you watch the end of Production Tour- you can see doors- 7 of them are clickable- Here is what they will show-
Door 1 - The Gallery for the Atrium
Door 2 - The Chimpanzee animating Mike - Sully
Door 3 - The Original Mike - Sully
Door 4 - The Toy Video FAIL
Door 5 - The darn Jumpscare-
Door 6 - The Credits
Door 7 - Another FAIL
You can also click Monsters Only which is the section for the Kids that enjoyed the movie- If you click on the eye- you can see some weird animation gags- like the giraffe ending Boo-s Room-
New Monster Adventures let-s you to check out stuff like the Mike-s New Car shorts- the TV Treats from 2001-2002- Ponkickies 21 shorts- Boo-s Door game- The Story where you can get arrested by 2319- a DVD-ROM- and a even music video- Behind The Screams takes you to Outtakes- the Play Program- and an Interview with Mike - Sully- Orientation let-s you watch the commercial- training video- history- and look at the Employee Handbook- Employee Of The Month- - the Scare Cards- That-s a whole boatload of features if you ask me-

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