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kim seon ho drama 2021 hometown cha cha mr hong fmv 김선호 shin min ah

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18 Jul 2021

-KimSeonHo- -김선호- -2d1n -GoodBoyKimSeonho- -TeamJipyeong- -TeamGoodBoy- -Seonhohada -kimseonho -선호하다 -예뽀 -mrhong -fmv

it was just me who can-t wait for kim seon ho new drama with shin min ah- as in April both seon ho and min ah confirmed that they will be together in the drama called mr hong-

the storyline of mr hong are-
- shin min ah will play dentist Yoon Hye Jin- a woman who has both beauty and brains- Her life plan falls apart because of the tiny bit of righteousness in her heart- and after various obstacles- she moves to the seashore village Gongjin and meets mr hong-
- kim seon ho will play Hong Doo Shik- who is known as mr hong- He is unemployed officially- but he is a master of odd jobs who appears to help everyone in Gongjin with any situation they run into-

an article mentioned that Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho show surprisingly high synchronization with their characters Please look forward to their rom-com chemistry that is bound to make hearts flutter-

my fmv story line-
scene 1
shin min ah -hye jin- meet kim seon ho -mr hong- in a subway and was attracted to mr hong as love at first sight- hye jin not knowing- mr hong have actually notice hye jin a few time in the subway and that day mr hong took the courage to say -Hi-opps hye jin was too surprise and mistook Mr hong as stalker hahaha-hye jin left mr hong and mr hong is shocked-

scene 2
by coincidence mr hong and hye jin meet in the bar- but mr hong was drunk and confessing his feeling about what happened in the subway- Hye jin happen to hear it- hye jin feel that mr hong is cute and sincere and she took her courage to make friend with mr hong-

scene 3
hye jin called up mr hong and promise to come to mr hong-s house- mr hong is excited and started cleaning his house- the romance hit- hye jin was hitting to mr hong and tarra-happy ending-

hehehe me making all the fantasy plot for the drama- hoping that seon ho and min ah will have good time in their new drama- all the best kim seon ho and shin min ah-

all content and copywrite belong to rightful owners-
kbsworld- kbsentertainment- kbs2- TvN- MBC
clips that in the fmv -
- start up kim featuring seon ho as han ji pyeong
- tomorrow with you featuring shin min ah
- catch the ghost featuring kim seon ho as go ji seok
- you drive me crazy featuring kim seon ho as kim rae wan
- 2days 1 night kim seon ho cut
- kim seon ho cf clips -miima- right nau- shinhan mycar-

kim seon ho now active in my favorite show-
2 Days - 1 Night -Korean- 1박 2일- also known as 1 Night 2 Days- abbreviated as 1N2D- is a South Korean reality-variety show that airs on KBS2 beginning August 5- 2007-

Now 2 days 1 night are in season 4- The current cast members are Kim Jong-min- Yeon Jung-hoon- Moon Se-yoon- Kim Seon-ho- DinDin and Ravi -VIXX-

The show-s motto is -Real Wild Road Variety- Its main concept is to recommend various places of interest that viewers can visit in South Korea- Filming for every new trip is usually done 2 weeks prior to broadcast on KBS2-

김선호 - 연정훈 - 1박 2일 - 딘딘 - 라비 - 문세윤 - 김종민 - 예뽀선호 - 1박2일 시즌4
Kim Seon-ho Jeonghoon Yeon 1 Night 2 Days Dindin Ravi Seyoon Moon Jongmin Kim
-1박2일 시즌4- -1 Night 2 Days Season 4-

I would love - - to keep all kim seon ho moments captured for this lovely celebrity- He is super pure and sincere in every moment captured- Really like him a lot- He is doing great now in -1 Night 2 Days Season 4- -1박2일시즌4- He was a little shy and awkward then he grew better from where he started- Hope to see more projects and action from kim seon ho- Fighting-

Check out my accounts-
- youtube - Seon Ho House
- website - www-kim-seonho-com
- my email - seonho-house-gmail-com

At my account- you can watch all kim seon ho compilation projects and drama recaps- Enjoy- Let support kim seon ho all the way- 김선호 예뽀선호 - -
1 night 2 days season 4 han ji pyeong seo dal mi kang han na seo dalmi cvs 김선호 ravi 韓流 김선호 예뽀선호 han ji pyeong seo dal mi kang han na seo dalmi nam do san vs han ji pyeong 2D1N han ji pyeong kang han na han ji pyeong seo dal mi nam do san vs han ji pyeong 김선호 연정훈 ravi 1박 2일 딘딘 라비 문세윤 김종민 Kim Seon Ho find me in your memory startup review 2 days 1 night season 4 예뽀선호 1박2일 시즌4 jidal english subtitle eng sub seonho 2 days 1 night 2 days and 1 night eng sub kimseonho kim seon ho award kim seon ho interview kim sun-ho kim seon-ho seonho sunho kdrama reaction 예뽀선호 Kim Seon Ho find me in your memory jidal startup review 2 days 1 night season 4 eng sub truyền hình hàn quốc 예뽀선호 방글이pd 김선호 연극 2 days 1 night season 4 smiley pd 2d1n season 4 horavi shin min ah shin min-ah

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