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Hip stretch Massage with Purple swimsuit girl

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16 Aug 2019

Hip stretch Massage with Purple swimsuit girl

The hip joint is supported by multiple muscles, but in particular, if the muscles "adductive muscle" inside the thigh and the muscle "hamstrings" on the back are hard, their range of motion (range of movement) tends to narrow Become.
If the time of sitting posture is long, there is no turning on the muscles of the inside. Also, if you deposit your back on the back of the chair to support your body comfortably, the pelvis falls to the back side. Then, the muscles in the back also disappear from the muscles, contracting and becoming hard. The posture of the body collapses when the pelvis as the foundation for making the hip joint tilts backward. Then, even in the spine (backbone) the lumbar vertebrae in the waist struggle trying to recover their posture and take an excessive burden on part. Therefore, low back pain is likely to occur.
Lift the hip joint with hip stretch
Hip joints are always heavily involved in actions such as standing, walking, but if the sitting posture is long, or only monotonous action is done in everyday life, every opportunity to move the hip joint will be robbed.
Then, the muscles around the hip joints are rarely used, and they are in a state of lack. If you leave a hip joint like this, you can not avoid deteriorating back pain, and your standing posture will be aged all the more.
The "hip joint stretch" is highly effective in changing the hip joint flexibly and smoothly.

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