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FBT New Products 2018

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10 Jul 2019

FBT introduces several New Products in 2018.
Starting with the HORIZON Vertican Horizontal Array system, developed to meet the increasingly diverse needs of rental companie and system integrators, HORIZON is a solution that allows flexible use in vertical or horizontal speaker array.
VERTUS takes the road as FBT expands the range with the new CLA406.2A and CLA206A active column arrays designed to meet mobile sound applications as well installations.
Boasting EN54-24 certification and IP55 rating, the new CLA803T and CLA403T add discreet but powerful sound reinforcement in the most challenging projects.
The new SHADOW all-weather series of speakers is benefitting from significan upgrades that make the range suitable for use in emergency and evacuation applications, thanks to the EN54-24 certification and IP55 weather rating.

Read more about FBT's New Products for 2018 at this link:

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