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Colorado Charlie [Spaghetti Western] English [Full Length Movie] [Free Feature Film] [Full Movies]

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05 Sep 2019

Full Spaghetti Western Movie, Full Length Free Cowboy Feature Film, English: Colorado Charlie (1965), 1h 31min. Colorado Charlie, the 1965 Roberto Mauri (billed as "Robert Johnson") Italian cowboy spaghetti western starring Jacques Berthier (billed as "Jack Berthier"), Brunella Bovo (billed as "Barbara Hudson"), Erika Blanc, Luigi Ciavarro (billed as "Luis Chavarro"), and Livio Lorenzon (billed as "Charlie Lawrence"; in the title role as Colorado Charlie). Square-jawed Sheriff "Wild Bill" Danders is a heroic lawman looking to retire, and Livio Lorenzo provides the sadistic eponymous bandit whose depredations force sheriff into strapping on his gun once again.

Director: Roberto Mauri (as Robert Johnson)
Writer: Nino Stresa
Stars: Jacques Berthier, Brunella Bovo, Andrea Aureli


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