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CGI VFX Animated Short Film- -The Iron Giant 2- by Christian Day - CGMeetup

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04 May 2021

CGI VFX Animated Short Film- -The Iron Giant 2 Short Film- by Christian Day- Kurt Baringer- The Iron Giant 2-0- Mansley Featured on http-www-cgmeetup-net-home-iron-giant-2-0-

Mansley is a story set in the early 2000-s 40 years after the events in Rockwell-

Story- Kent Mansley is now an old man being interviewed about his life spent chasing down the Iron Giant- Mansley goes into detail about his life and obsession- flashing back on his past- and ways he tried to track him down- One day he stumbles on the key-

History- Christian Day- a cg artist in commercials and VFX- first conceived this project as a small -30 second Full that would have been quick to put together- as well as a project to work with on with friends- but it changed and morphed into something much larger over time- It took 4 years of on and off- re-shoots- pick up shots and re-edits- The team of Christian Day and Richard Jones shot parts of it every year for 4 years in a row- all in October- to stick to the feeling of the original shoots- The big push was to finish in time for -Ready Player One- with music and end credits to go the team pulled it off just in time for the -Ready Player One- release- which the Iron Giant appears in-

Story By- Christian Day- Kurt Baringer
Mansley- Robert Mitchell
Young Mansley- Kurt Baringer
Music- William Frank Jones
Camera- Richard Jones
CG- Christian Day
Compositing- Christian Day- Hubert Wozniak
Facebook page www-facebook-com-irongiant2-0
Homepage- www-christianday-net

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CGI Vfx Animated Short Film- -Iron Giant 2- by Christian Day - CGMeetup


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