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Burmese Food - CURRY JACUZZI- 5 Aunty-s Cooking For Entire Shan Village-

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18 Jul 2021

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MAE HONG SON -แม-ฮ-องสอน- THAILAND - Welcome to Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand- one of the most relaxed and beautiful provinces in Thailand- I love the mountains- and the mix of cultures that are represented in Mae Hong Son- During our trip- we had a chance to stay at a home-stay -โฮมสเตย-ป-าคำหล-บ-านโบราณร-อยป- in a village called Ban Muang Pon- The village is home to a Shan- or a Thai Yai -ไทใหญ- community- Along with a few spectacular Shan food meals- one day some of the expert cooking Aunty-s from the community cooked 50 kilos of Gaeng Hang Lay -แกงฮ-งเล- a Burmese pork curry-

As the story goes- Gaeng Hang Lay -แกงฮ-งเล- is a strong pork curry that originated in Burma- with the help of Indian curry spices- The Shan people are the ones who brought the dish to Thailand- and now you-ll find Gaeng Hang Lay -แกงฮ-งเล- as one of the most common and popular dishes in Northern Thai food- The original version of this Burmese pork curry that the Shan make in this village is still made on special occasions- and for big communal gathering like a wedding or celebration-

We woke up early in the morning to get started- and some of the Aunty-s from the community had already gathered to start the cooking process- First they chopped up the pork- peeled potatoes- shallots- garlic- and ginger-

The pork was braised down in a curry paste of chilies- lemongrass- shallots- garlic- and ginger- and cooked in its own juices and melted fat- It-s important to note that there-s not written recipe for this dish - it-s just passed down by knowledge- judged by ratios in the head cooks head- and by experience- They added in dark soy sauce- tamarind- ginger- and Burmese masala- similar to an Indian masala powder-

The Burmese pork curry simmered over the fire until it reached the fall apart tender stage- It was outrageously tasty- packed with garlic- fresh slices of ginger- a tartness from tamarind and sweet-

Without a doubt- this was the best Gaeng Hang Lay -แกงฮ-งเล- I-ve ever had anywhere in Thailand - and I-ve had it many places- The balance of flavors- and sweet and sourness- was delicious- It was a Shan - Thai Yai meal experience in Mae Hong Son to never forget-

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Highly recommended- an amazing place to learn about the culture of the Shan people- stay in a 100 year old traditional Shan house- and eat delicious Shan food-



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