Atman Festival, Sri Lanka, 2017 - UN Official Video ((Hi-Tech + Dark PsyTrance))

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22 Apr 2019

Atman Festival 2017 in Sri Lanka - Arugam Bay - UN Official Video.
The location is mind-blowing - private beach, lagoon and forest. Arugam Bay is Sri Lanka's top surfing spot.

WARNING: High BPM :) Not for the faint hearted.
Music: Violinos by Uruculator - 188 BPM.

Atman Festival 2017 had the best line up ever - Dark Psychedelic Trance / Forest and Hi-Tech with artists like Arjuna, Orestis, Giuseppe, Full Moon Mondo, Mikel, Økapi and many more.

This video also contains a little speech by the local minister of tourism at 1:10 , 1:26 and 4:33.
You can see us (Sonal and Sandro) at 1:36
Look how blue the water looks in the background at 2:23 - This is Arugam Bay's Peanut Farm.

This has mostly been created on GoPro4 and iPhone. (No Gimbal)
A big thanks to our dear friend Michika from Japan for sharing her iPhone videos with us.

Enjoy check more information about Psytrance Music Festivals here -- https://drifterplanet.com/festivals-parties/

Information about Arugam Bay (how to reach, where to stay, what to see and more) -- https://drifterplanet.com/arugam-bay-sri-lanka/

Info about Sri Lanka -- https://drifterplanet.com/sri-lanka-travel-guide/
One Month Itinerary for Sri Lanka -- https://drifterplanet.com/sri-lanka-itinerary/
Sri Lanka travel tips -- https://drifterplanet.com/sri-lanka-travel-tips/

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