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Are YOU missing Cruising- You-re not alone-

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04 May 2021

The world fleet of 300 cruise ships are laid up- cruise ships have been scrapped and some cruise lines have even closed down-

The cruise pause looks set to last into 2021- For most of us- a cruise holiday remains something we can only dream about- or in this case- reminisce about-

I-ve narrowed it down to 5 things I-ve missed most about cruise ships in 2020-


One of the nicest things about the cruise ship experience is how friendly cruising is- Talking to new people on a cruise ship- both passengers and crew is the norm- I-ve made many great friends on board cruise ships- and it is one of the things I miss more than anything else-

The way most people interact on a cruise ship is the way I wish the world could be all the time- Have you ever noticed how easy it is to strike up a conversation with someone on a cruise-

On a cruise- you can have a proper chat with people you-ve never met before - about almost anything- from the ports visited- to the food aboard- to the cruise ship experience-

There-s something about cruising that seems to break down our barriers and encourage people to interact- Cruise ships are one of the only places where strangers will speak to each other in the lifts - elevators rather than staring awkwardly at the floor- or their iPhones-


The food onboard a cruise ship is a huge part of the cruise experience- Most cruise ships offer multiple dining options- including a formal restaurant- a buffet restaurant and room service- Some ships also have additional formal and informal dining options - sometimes included in the cruise booking price- sometimes at an additional charge-

The cruise food experience is decadent- It-s an experience on its own- It is an opportunity for feasting - and being centre stage in your own culinary extravoganza- The ceremony of it all - multiple courses in the ship-s formal dining rooms - the excitement of the midnight buffet - the opportunity to begin your day with breakfast in bed-


A huge part of the joy of cruising to me is seeing new places- and that amazing experience of coming into- or going out of a port - especially when it-s a celebration- Like so many of you- I-ve had the good fortune to be able to travel on many different voyages and to visit many different places around the world-

Some of the highlights for me have been entering New York Harbour at the end of a transatlantic crossing- visiting the Norwegian fjords and being in Sydney Harbour when QM2 and QE2 met in that port in 2007- when they estimated 1 million people turned out to get a glimpse of the ships-

I-ve sailed into Venice at dawn aboard Queen Elizabeth - sailed onto Barcelona aboard Aurora berthing behind the giant Oasis of the Seas- I-ve snorkelled off Grand Cayman with the anchored Enchantment of the Seas visible in the distance- - been on board QE2 when Albany fired the canon in honour of our arrival-


Cruise ships offer a wide variety of entertainment for travellers to try- Depending on the cruise ship you are travelling on you might try pub quizzes- bingo- art auctions- dancing lessons- painting lessons- bridge games- fencing instruction- exercise sessions- bellyflop competitions- wine tastings- cinema experiences or informative lectures-

The last one - lectures - is my personal favourite - since it-s what I do- In the past I have regularly given guest lectures on board Cunard- P-O UK and P-O Australia ships- speaking about maritime history-


The thing I miss most about cruising though - is EVERYTHING- It-s that feeling- That special- not quite definable feeling- you get from being on board a cruise ship-

It-s made up of everything about the cruise experience- From researching and booking- to the anticipation before you depart- Packing- travelling to the ship- boarding- finding your cabin- Exploring the vessel- checking out the daily activities- The ship-s whistle sounding as the ship leaves port- Eating- Learning new things- Seeing new places- Meeting new people- or reuniting with people you-ve met before-

The ability to unwind and relax- The serenity that can be found on deck in the evening - when most of the entertainment has moved inside and you can just hear the hum of the engines and the lapping of the ocean on the hull of the ship while you look up at the stars-

And the magic of the cruise experience- is that it-s different for everyone- Yes- my friends- cruise nostalgia is a thing - if you-re feeling it too- you-re not alone-

Image Support-

Thanks to Alex Lucas - -Cunard - Queen Elizabeth Ships Photographer- for images referenced-

Thumbnail -people icon- Adrien Coquet - -Arrow- Matt Scribner - both Adobe Spark CC- Attribution-

All other images- Chris Frame - Rachelle Cross-

Music- YT Audio-

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